Summer of saturdays


 I like Saturdays. They are my best thinking days. ― Jack Gantos

I woke up before sunrise, which on a Saturday is rare. Currently I’m on the couch downstairs while everyone else is still asleep in their respective bedrooms upstairs. There’s silence. I’m happy.

I’ve been digesting life after a busy few weeks and I’ve been thinking about the impending summer ahead. In short, I’d like a summer full of Saturdays. Saturdays generally represent productivity and peace, a courtship of two things that often feel divorced in contemporary culture. So I’d like to spend my summer remarrying them, which means a real commitment. See, the thing about doing anything these days is that intentionality is second only to accountability. The best of the best does’t happen without accountability. We must hold ourselves accountable to the standards we set to protect the intentions we manifest. Yes, it’s a tad deep for Saturday morning, and this is even before the coffee has been brewed. But sincerely, I’d like a summer of Saturdays.

So in the spirit of accountability, I’ll be doing a summer of Saturdays series, which shares the adventures and the discoveries of what happens when every day is lived like its Saturday. For now, it’s coffee time.