George Bailey

  • George Bailey : Dear Father in heaven, I’m not a praying man, but if you’re up there and you can hear me[begins crying] 
  • George Bailey : show me the way… show me the way.

George Bailey was 38 when his angel Clarence came to visit him in Bedford Falls. To begin, it’s a wonderful life. Despite a pandemic, my blessings are bigger than my burdens. I’m rich in all the ways a person should be with love and gratitude overflowing and a sense of purpose to drive me to do good and give more.

But it’s important to note that George Bailey, despite his generosity and sense of duty, struggled with his desire for a bigger and better life. It’s something many of us can understand and relate to, especially in an era of excess and extravagance. There’s so much we want, but if we don’t value what we have within and around us, it’s all worth nothing. Though it took a series of serious events, Clarence was able to show George the value of his life, the difference he made, and the love that surrounded him.

I wonder if you know your wonderful. Can you trace and track the moments that made you? This is always an advent exercise as a tribute to spirit of George Bailey and as a reminder to never let greed grab a hold of my heart while keeping gratitude the gateway for everything.

Lately I’ve been firmly focused in my attempts to generate George Bailey vibes. If ever there was a year to go all in on the concept of community, self-awareness and fulfillment, it’s 2020. As I take stock of the places and people in my life, the dreams that remain, the past decisions, and the present state of affairs, I see and celebrate the ordinary. This season I hope you find and foster the acts of goodwill, the specialness in sacrifice, the keepsakes of kindness, and the joy of deep and resilient faith. May this be a December of Clarence-inspired revelations. Remember, “no man is a failure who has friends.”