Priority PArty

Your mind is a magic pot, from which you pick the things, and manifest life out of it. If you don’t tell your mind, your priorities, it will be easier for your mind, to pick anything, to serve you with your life.― Roshan Sharma

How are you holding up? These days that’s a loaded question. But it’s one worth asking yourself and others. After all, if we can’t emerge from this pandemic with more compassion and empathy for one another, and a general sense of gratitude for the ordinary gifts in our lives, well then I’d argue we have a worse threat to our society than a global health crisis.

Our ability to take stock of our lives has never been more important. Quarantine should have shifted something in you. Social distancing is a reminder about our need for connection. The last six months called for reevaluation and rededication to our priorities. Who and what matters?

I’m having a priority party and you’re invited. No disrespect to the influencers or famous life coaches of the world, but they talk to us and not with us, which for a fika centered female like myself, is problematic. Part of my self-growth is rooted in the call to engage and evolve with others. I am able to tell myself plenty of things, but it is through sharing and serving where words become will and wisdom in action.

So what are your priorities? Tell me. Tag me. Moreover, aim to get twenty minutes of movement solo style. Call or talk to someone with no agenda other than to lift and inspire. Post your purpose somewhere where it’s physical form makes you think harder and love deeper. P.S. Don’t forget to celebrate the small stuff.