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Can I Still Do This?


Christmas was magic. I watched my preschool aged daughter get her dream unicorn toy, ride the darn thing incessantly, and sleep with it in her bed. My toddler was overjoyed by the act of unwrapping presents, found delight in all the lights, and discovered the chorus of “Deck the Halls.” Seriously, it’s her jam.

Christmas was bliss. Is there anything better than wonder married to joy? Throughout December I witnessed my girls revel in the mysteries and miracles of the season. And throughout December I kept returning to one simple question, can I still do this? Can I capture, create, and exude enthusiasm like a preschooler and toddler?

These kids had so much fun during the holidays and so did I, but I wanted the kid version of Christmas. After a glass of Eggnog or two I came to the realization that the foundation for their fun is rooted in discovery.

At some point in adulthood I preset my mind to impact. I was determined to find people to impact me and I wanted to impact others. This is all good intentioned and necessary, but so is fun.

Discovering who I am through fika has been the most fun, so yes, I can still do this. I can capture, create, and exude enthusiasm like a preschooler and toddler.

Part of the fun of fika is pressing pause. Are you ready for some coffee and conversation?     Let’s have some fun. Let’s discover.


It’s A Wonderful Life


Is Christmas in July still a thing? Or maybe I should rephrase and ask, was it ever a thing? I’m a big fan of December and all the merriment it brings, and this summer has felt like Christmas for all the perspective and passion I’ve been gifted.

To begin, I’ve embarked on a #60daychallenge. I’ve decided to write more about the projects I’ve been pursuing and the opportunities that are unfolding. I’ve committed to 60 consecutive days of writing, which will undoubtedly challenge and change me in more ways than one.

In other news, the podcast relaunches next week. I’ve had many fikas “off the air,” but I stepped away in June and July so that I could gather myself after I was flooded with interest and inquiry about my side hustle. To be honest, I’ve been more creatively inclined to keep things low key while I plan and plot accordingly.

So what’s the point of all this ambiguous sharing? Trust me, I’m getting to the good stuff.

I’m going all in for the remainder of 2018 and attempting to shake my soul with some life-changing decisions.

  1. My first big writing project in two years is in the works. With some courage and conviction, I hope to get this in your hands in the next 18 months or so. –Here’s to patience.
  2. Fishing for Fika is officially headed to night time recordings and daytime editings. Honestly, there’s no benefit to knowing this except that as a mama I am consistently challenged or called upon to discuss work/life balance. There are no secrets over here. We’re slowly losing the morning nap so it was inevitable.
  3. My favorite fikas are with seasoned dreamers and doers. I’ll be taking fika on the road to retirement homes and/or assisted living communities. There’s a project within a project here so stay tuned.
  4. I’m “out there” in other literary journals and magazines and making it a bit easier to be found. Check out my newest contributor role here
  5. My first professional love was and always will be teaching. I’m about to take a little bit of mom mode, mix it into reading and writing, and produce a workshop series for the tired but talented mamas of the world. Again, more on this soon.

I’ve missed writing on this blog, but I gave myself a true chance to gather myself and recognize what’s important, how to best manage my responsibilities, and chase my dreams with greater confidence.

If Christmas in July is truly a thing then let me leave you with this tidbit from my favorite film, It’s a Wonderful Life: “All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away.”

Awkward: The Big Risk

I own my awkwardness. Truthfully, there are a lot of moments in life where I celebrate it.

But, when I was a teenager I recognized the trend of conformity creeping toward me. It was too easy. It felt too safe. Honestly, I dipped my toes in the cool pool. I tried to be someone I wasn’t. I struggled with being judged. I hesitated over originality.

But I’ve grown older. In aging, some wisdom has been acquired and some confidence cultivated.

I now recognize the art of discovery and the joy of creativity. Fused together, I am comfortable in my own skin.

Most days I’m excited about sharing my projects. However, this podcasting thing is uncomfortably awkward. It means leaping into the air and risking a big fall.

Right now, I feel like I’m scratched and bruised from the awkwardness I acquired courtesy of the microphone.

I loathe my voice. Ugh. I sound awkward. I am awkward.

Here’s the thing: I know it’s okay. We’re often our own worst critics. Maybe my voice is terrible. Maybe my awkwardness isn’t appealing. I might not be good at this thing. But, I desperately love the concept. As I explain in the first podcast, I’ve got big reasons to go hard for this project. So, I’m pouring all my love into this and using all those reasons to embrace what feels strange.

Because the real truth is that I am my best self when I’m slightly awkward, very nervous, and vunerable. I’m all in on this one. Welcome to the Fisking for Fika podcast.