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Give Me Everything Gilmore Girls


I am a Lorelai Gilmore wannabe. I make no apologies about my obsession for all things Stars Hollow. When the show aired I was a consumer of everything Gilmore. And when Netflix released the reboot I binged-watched all four episodes. In fact, I rewatched them this week in an effort to inspire me, which it did.

The writing world leads me to all sorts of people and places. Within the online world, the power of words has never been more present. Airing My Laundry has been on my radar for a while. She’s witty, honest, and a Gilmore Girl fanatic. As I gear up for This Is Us, I wanted to ask someone I admire from afar about their up close and personal opinion on all things Gilmore Girls.

Q: This post, written in 2014, was before the reboot. What might you add to the post now?

A: I’m not sure if I’d add anything to the list. Even with the reboot, I still love the same things. I guess I could add that I like that Lorelai and her mother stayed close throughout the years!

Q: Gilmore Girls has a cult following years later. What is some of the magic behind this?

A: I think the magic is the chemistry between all the actors. Plus the witty lines. I know I crack up with each episode. I mean, “oy with the poodles already” and “cooper boom” are pretty awesome things to say.

Q: Let’s discuss the vices. I am so on board with Lorelai and her beloved coffee. Why do little things like this resonate with us in a such a big way?

A: I love how Lorelai is with her coffee too! I’m the same way with my Diet Coke. I have people like Luke who tell me how awful it is, and I’m all, “Give me my Diet Coke. Now.” I think people can relate to Lorelai!

Q: Assuming we can talk reboot, give me your thoughts on the way things were left.

A: Oh man, I want them to continue the reboot! You can’t end it like that. I won’t give away what happened, but I yelled at the screen when it went to black. What’s going to happen next?! I guess we’ll have to come up with our own scenarios.

Q: I’m on a This Is Us adventure. Certain shows speak to us. What’s a theme from Gilmore Girls that goes beyond the surface?

A. I think a theme would be that mother/daughter bond. I mean yes, there will be fights. But hopefully you’ll always come together. I have a daughter, and I’d love for us to have a relationship like Rory and Lorelai. PS–I also love This Is Us and not just because Jess (Milo) is in it 😉 By the way. I’m Team Jess.

There’s all sorts of stuff that happens in fika. And there’s a self-fikalization that happens when engaged in an art form like film or television. Watching Gilmore Girls is more than a guilty pleasure. And to find someone, who like me, felt uniquely connected to the program speaks volume about the stories within the series.

Many thanks to Airing My Laundry. If our paths should ever cross one day, your Diet Coke is on me.


This Is Us: I’m Ready


I’ve already spilled about my obsession with This Is Us, but I need to do so even more. To begin, I’ve always been a lover and follower of film and television. In college, I was convinced that after four years of film and television theory and tech classes I’d walk through the doors of a studio and secure employment. It’s funny because that dream didn’t so much derail as diminish, but it’s slowly reappearing.

Here’s the thing: I spent much of my childhood and early adult years engulfed in the fandom of all things fiction. It wasn’t an escape as so much an immersive experience. I liked losing and finding myself through others and I absolutely adored the dramatic flares of fiercely romantic, brave, and unique characters. Whether it was Anne of Green Gables, the Ross and Rachel relationship from Friends, the torturesome twosome of Noah and Allie from The Notebook or Jack and Rose sinking on the Titanic, I was always glued to the screen and dreaming of such noble and noteworthy stories to appear within my life.

And while I’ve yet to encounter an iceberg, I did meet my own version of Gilbert Blythe, who I’d like to think far exceeds some of the grandest gestures and extreme episodes of love and life on the big screen. And while our love might never be an Oscar production, I’d argue it’s worthy of one. Guess who hands me the tissues or pours me my second glass of wine mid This Is Us sob?

But I digress. I’ve been rewatching This Is Us to gear up for the third season. I stumbled across this scene from the season two finale and felt it was worthy of a share. While I have a thing for Kevin’s growth, it’s all about Randall in this scene. “Choosing our people is the closest we come to controlling our destiny.” Sigh. It’s amazing how fictional characters speak the truth so deliberately yet gently.

I’m on this whole “summer of Katie” high right now. I gave myself permission to binge watch my staple feel good guilty pleasures. I’m rereading the classics, which is my idea of a good time. Let’s talk over coffee if you have a thing for modern British literature. I’ll buy the first cup. I am drinking too much wine and walking around town like it’s my full-time job trying to reduce said impact of generous pours. I am grappling with big life choices while writing more inspired and confident than in years past. I am trying to wrap my arms around my tiny humans and thank God daily for the gift of watching them grow. I am celebrating 15 years of choosing my person and the adventures that have followed and still remain.

This show always brings me back to the important need for introspection. As I sit here thinking about the people I’ve chosen I come back to Randall’s speech. “Because while everything else may change if you choose right, your people will stay the same.” If this isn’t fika material I don’t know what is…

P.S. Dan Fogelman, I’m begging for fika.

Mom Fika: More “Mother’s Day”

danijela-froki-575670-unsplashI spent the day being showered with affection. From morning snuggles to handmade cards, it was simple and sweet. Highlights included a solo walk, which felt strange sans stroller, hot coffee, and an uninterrupted bath. It was the perfect combination of quiet indulgence and lovable noise. I am grateful.

I’m not sure people fully grasp the concept of fika. Furthermore, I’m convinced a lot of others don’t understand my passionate pursuit of it. I’m commonly asked, “what are you trying to do?” I could give you multiple versions or explanations, but only one truly matters, which is centered in connection. I believe that we become better people when we immerse ourselves in opportunities for engagement.

As a writer, I generate more ideas and invite inspiration into my life when I connect and conspire with others. As a mom, I unearth strength and cultivate confidence when I surround myself with positive and powerful women.  Fika is changing the way I live and it’s redefining how I work. It’s becoming something more than I anticipated and it’s exceeding the expectations of others.

I’m all in on the Mother’s Day celebrations.  Yesterday was a welcomed change where I surrendered and shared my joy in mommyhood with family. And while I loved everything about Mother’s Day, it got me thinking about what I need more of in my life. I need mom fika.

On Saturday, June 30th, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. I’m hosting a mom fika at the Madison Community House. It’s a free event for mamas who are interested in getting out to talk to other mamas about anything and everything. We’re serving coffee and champagne, otherwise known as mom fuel, and giving ourselves permission to relax right in the middle of Saturday schedules.

The premise is simple: take a break with me. Let’s connect and cheers to mom life in a space filled with other beautiful, bold, busy, and brilliant mamas. Why? Because we shouldn’t allocate our celebrations of mommyhood to a sole Sunday in May. Let’s fika! If you plan to attend, please email fishingforfika@gmail.com so your coffee is hot and your champagne flute full.

Fishing for Fika: FINALLY!


Hooray! You’re here. Welcome. Today’s the launch of a project that is so much more than a blog or podcast. It’s the culmination of failed endeavors, constant questioning, endless searching, and serious surrendering.

For years I’ve felt like I was fishing for something special. I’d cast a line into deep waters, unsure of my bait, anxiously angling and frantically reeling in.

I was desperate to do something with my writing. I was hungry to connect. A perpetual daydreamer, I yearned for the chance to make my mark. But like so many, I got caught up in the chaos. I swam in emails, became a slave to my phone, and cohabited with my computer.

In this powerful, fast-paced, ever-changing world, I drowned in doubt, fear, and epic excuses.

One day a friend asked me if I wanted to fika.  A true lover of words, she rendered me silent. What was fika?  Upon explanation, I was game.

Fika made sense. It was a chance to break and converse. A pause without a purpose other than fostering friendship or camaraderie. So we sat. We had no technology, no distraction, and no agenda.  She made the most delicious coffee and we let our discussion go in all sorts of directions. It felt strange, freeing, and fun.

As a storyteller, I’m drawn to opportunities to grow and gain insight into others. Fika offers me the platform to connect and conspire while creating stories worth sharing.

You’re a part of this project. In fact, you’re the passion behind it. Let’s fika!