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Let’s Get Real: Vanderpump Rules Is My Writing Inspiration. Seriously.


I have an addiction to reality t.v. Basically, anything Bravo is gold. While the Real Housewives brand is the epitome of recognizable, I save my salivating for New York, Beverly Hills, and Potomac. But I’m most surprised by my obsession with Vanderpump Rules. I didn’t see it coming. I am straight up with Stassi obsessed with the drama. <–See what I did there?

Seriously, where else is it acceptable and attractive to be a starving artist these days?

Take out all of Jax’s cheating, Scheana’s entire storyline, and most of the Vegas trips, and I can relate to these people.

It feels genuinely good to see people my age all over the place.

I live for Tom Sandoval’s musical ventures. More trumpet, Tom. Buba, can you hear me? Katie and Schwartz, underneath the drama your love is palpable. Keep on sending each other Mariachi bands throughout the years. Lala, I have no words. Seriously, no words. Stassi, let’s drink together. We’ll recreate some NOLA vibes in your LA landscape and podcast our asses off. Ariana, make me a drink and let’s party like it’s your birthday. Brittany, talk Kentucky to me and then tell me all your secrets. Doute, you’ve grown on me. Here’s to your evolution. And Mr. James Kennedy, you’re a hot mess and I love every second of it.

If you have no clue who these people are or what this show is about then everything up until now doesn’t matter. And while I label them starving artists, the reality is their ‘realities’ earn them six figures. So I guess the reality t.v. avenue is like most things these days, artificial and acutely absent of total truth.

But I still love these wild creatures for their ability to be imperfect inquisitors. See, they’re seekers. These people seek out everything and everyone. From drama to paid promotions, they seek.

And I can get down with seekers. After all, some of us sit and consume while others chase and create.

Who knew reality t.v. could render me some epic fika material? Vanderpump Rules, you’re the gift that keeps on giving.




Get Excited


“I like it when somebody gets excited about something.”  ― J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye 

I am an enthusiastic person. I get it from my mama.

My little ones demand incredible amounts of attention and I find they easily excite me about all things past, present, and future. There’s something about tiny humans and their capacity to dream big and love freely that enchants and engages me.

My daughters have reawakened the need for excitement in life. Small, big, and unexpected exciting endeavors add joy and meaning to my stories. But in the depths of discovery, I can fully admit that I’m at odds with excitability these days. It seems to me that many people lack a zest for their daily grind. The woes are rampant and the affirmations scarce.

I love watching excitement unfold. It’s a slice of heaven to see someone pinpoint their passion. Moreover, it’s euphoric to see the passion grow and touch and inspire others. There’s something about sharing excitement that adds and grows to an occasion or milestone.

So here are some things that excite me…

  • Old people. I legit love older generations. I’m on the hunt to talk to the greatest generation. Give me your old people.
  • Mommies. I’m in a stage of life where I’m surrounded by mommies within my circles. This mom life cultivates an energy and sisterhood that can’t be replicated or imitated.
  • This Is Us writers and actors. I am experimenting with a course on the subject.
  • College. Give me a crowded lecture hall and the chance to talk.
  • Fika. DUH. Guys, there’s so much exciting stuff to come.

What’s your spark for excitement lately?

The Fire of Friendships


I’ve got this friend who is the Christina Yang to my Meredith Grey. Or maybe I’m her Christina. Honestly, I don’t care about the titles or the roles because it’s what the relationship stands for that is the fire behind all things. She’s my person.

I met her at 18. I was fresh out of Buffalo and alone. Right before homesickness got the best of me, she stepped in. She became my Garden State guru. She welcomed me into her home, got me to go beyond my comfort zone, and made me recognize that the best friendships give us something we’re missing and desperately desire. We call ourselves twins. But not because we’re alike. We are different. We’re Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito. 

I’m convinced she’s proof of divine intervention. She entered my life exactly where and when I needed her and I’ve kept her close since our earliest introduction. She’s about to go someplace else and it’s scary. For her, it represents a complete shift from everything she’s ever known. For me, it’s something similar. What it boils down to is this: I’ve never known New Jersey without her.

In a weird way, I’m convinced this needed to happen. Because the thing is that scary change is the fire of friendships. It’s what shows us what we add, what we lack, what we give, and how we grow.

And while this might feel a little Oprah and Gayle, it’s actually just us. To my first college friend, one of the best I’ve ever known, I say this: you are fire. Thank you, friend.

Friendship & Fika


Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to present the second Fishing for Fika podcast. You need to listen to this one, despite a few rough audio patches, and soak up the sentimentality that is a genuine friendship and fika session.

Kim, my good friend and co-creator of Fat, Drunk, & Fancy, left her job in corporate America to do something different. She and her hubby decided to make their mark by celebrating life with no regrets. Their goal is simple: they want to take us along.

The happy hours of our lives don’t need to be allocated to a singular bar stool. The best meals don’t necessarily require a reservation. Kim and Nick create spaces and situations that show us how to live life with no regrets while making food and drink a vehicle for the experience.

I’m so proud of Kim for embracing risk with a positive mindset and laser focus. Cool fact, Kim’s the product of an awesome grandparent experience like me. We share a love of a generation that gave us wisdom, hope, and humility.

Listen to us giggle, dip deep, and fika.

p.s. In the podcast Kim showers us with information. If you’re a local New Jerseyan, check out Yale Terrace Brewery. If you’re on the hunt for a delicious and healthy fika food, swing by Ommie Snacks to see what’s new.

My Awakener

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”  ― Robert Frost


Let’s get deep today. Seriously, put on your life jacket.

I live my life in constant celebration of relationships. From family to friends, colleagues to college roommates, and neighbors to strangers, I love people! I believe every person possesses the ability to impact my life.  IF we take the time to think about it, our daily interactions and words shape someone else’s attitude, character, or direction. It’s pretty powerful and definitely deep.

A lover of learning,  I gain the most insight and grow stronger when I surround myself with influential, positive, and determined people. I like to feel equipped and empowered by my personal and professional relationships.

In 2013 I signed up for a local fitness studio. From the get-go, the owner, Lindsay, felt different from previous trainers and gym personas. As time went on, I realized Lindsay was different. Lindsay’s intuitive ability to tap into the heart and soul of a client and extract their potential was something special. Her intentions were always simple and strong.  She wants people to claim and consistently pursue the best for themselves.

For the first time in a long time, Lindsay gave me the desire to want something more for myself. In fact, she made me think about taking risks and defying odds. Slowly, she became a voice in my head. I knew she had something unique to offer me. Moreover, I knew I could benefit from having more of her in my life.

I’ll spare you the unending details of our relationship, but she has been and remains a game-changing person for me. Her example, honesty, creativity, and care are exactly what I craved. Her accountability, constructive criticism, and drive is undeniably what I need. In fact, she introduced me to fika. I refer to her as the spark that ignited the fire. She awakens me.

We need more relationships that launch us toward improvement and inspiration. We must ask for help. IF we subscribe to the idea that everybody has something to offer, we become more willing to listen and learn.

Who awakens you?

Go deep today.