Community: Go BiLLS

Sports can unite a group of people from different backgrounds, all working together to achieve a common goal. And even if they fall short, sharing that journey is an experience they’ll never forget. It can teach some of the most fundamental and important human values: dedication, perseverance, hard work, and teamwork. It also teaches us how to handle our success and cope with our failure. So, perhaps the greatest glory of sport is that is teaches us so much about life itself. — Ahmad Rashad

Last Monday night I sat down to watch my beloved Buffalo Bills do their thing against the Cincinnati Bengals. By now it’s probably familiar to most that Bills player Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest and a scary situation unfolded on the field. It was horrific to watch, and I can’t even fathom how traumatic it must have been to experience as a player, coach, teammate, friend and/or family member. Tragedy, like life, has a lot of irony and epiphany woven within. I’ve come to know and understand that in our darkest hours the light always manages to come through.

This past week one light, the divine light, has taken center stage. The impact and influence faith has had around the world is encouraging and serves as a valuable reminder about the collective spirit of the human condition. In short, we want to believe in something bigger and better than us. Yes, thank you God for the opportunity to rally around one another, and thank you for humbling us with the reminder that life is fragile. Moreover, with gratitude we celebrate the tools faith, hope, and love provide. They are amongst the most valuable things we possess and share. The power of these three things is omnipresent.

Sometimes everything has to fall apart in order for the bigger picture and purpose to come together.