I started this blog in 2018. In my first post I wrote “for years I’ve felt like I was fishing for something special. I’d cast a line into deep waters, unsure of my bait, anxiously angling and frantically reeling in.”

Creative personalities often struggle with finding solace in their process and place. It’s been a challenge that I’ve confronted frequently and openly. If I were to add an addendum to this piece I’d write that angling is the best and most awesome part of fishing for fika. In other words, I like to fish frequently and without fear.

Life has not gotten simpler since 2018. My little babies are growing up. In fact, they’re in big school now. We’ve experienced a lot of change as a family, some forced and some chosen, and we’ve navigated a global pandemic. It has been, as life always is, eventful and evolving. The unexpected is always as celebrated as much as the planned. I’ve learned life’s nectar is a balance of both.

I don’t have a deep seated goal or vision for 2023. I recently told a friend I’m calling it a “whatever year.” Yes, I absolutely have dreams and things I want to accomplish and experience. However, these past few years pivoting has become the norm more than the plans themselves. This year I vow to be whatever in my state, which means to embrace whatever I seek as much as whatever comes to me. I will enter 2023 without wild expectations or demand. Whatever.

P.S. Don’t forget addendums are perfectly okay. Add as you wish, friends. Happy almost New Year.