Permission to Sit

“Let’s just sit quietly and listen to the secrets the rain wants to tell us.” ― John Mark Green

It’s raining in New Jersey, which seems appropriate post Labor Day. I have a million things to do and yet I feel this pressing urge to sit and listen to the rain. So here I sit and as I listen to the rain I am doing some thinking, dreaming, writing, and of course, coffee drinking.

Back to school season always feels like a return to the rush of routines. In some ways I welcome this, but I am wary of what it means to be busy and how important it is to protect the peace in my life. Moreover, I try to grant permission to sit whenever possible, which on a rainy day feels natural and encouraged.

Do you sit and soak up the silence of things? Or are you so busy working, worrying, or wandering that you forget to give yourself permission to sit?

Post drop off I came home and ignored the piles of dishes and work invoices that awaited me. Instead I poured myself a cup of coffee and made my way to my favorite chair. I thought nothing of the errands or work tasks I needed to tackle. Instead I offered a silent prayer of gratitude for a summer of 1980s inspired simplicity and and a big time wish for effort and enthusiasm in my family’s school year adventures. The sound of the rain soothed me. The art of sitting inspired me.

The restorative practices of our lives do not need to be extensive or expensive. Permission to sit is an art form that renders a quiet chance to celebrate, reflect, revise, and rally. Small things, people. Small, beautiful, things.