Like a lot of people, I like nice things. My liking of nice things isn’t unique or groundbreaking. Good nice things are good and nice for a reason. Mostly, they’re valuable in some way, shape, or form. I think it’s important to acknowledge that we can like nice things, but we don’t necessarily need more of them.

At forty, I’ve learned and leaned into less. I need less things. I need less material things and I need less things on the calendar. Note, the latter is challenged by the inevitable scheduling of children activities. However, I’ve started to understand that less requires careful planning and purposeful prioritization. For better or worse, more is status quo. Through advertising and commercialization, we’ve been conditioned to believe more is the answer to our problems and the ideal for which we should strive. But truth be told, it’s better and braver to embrace a less lifestyle. Less things in whatever way, shape, or form means more time with the people who matter and/or pursuing passion projects that celebrate and embrace a dare to dream attitude.

Are you going for more or do you crave less? Either way, if happiness is only promised at the end and not in the midst of, consider it a red flag for feelings. Parting thoughts, make the world better and brighter.