“Sometimes doing nothing makes way for everything.” ― Hiral Nagda

I have not had a calm and easy start to 2022. In fact, I’d argue this has been the most challenging beginning of any year I can remember. A lot of things have happened that I planned for, even more that were not within my scope, and yet I don’t feel sad, angry, or discouraged, but instead, I am acutely aware of how precious time is. Moreover, I’m reminded time should not be wasted or given away without careful consideration.

Last Saturday I went away with friends and I took 24 hours to invest in rest. At one point I was alone in my hotel room and I made the purposeful decision to lay in bed and do nothing. I didn’t move an inch. I simply stared at the ceiling and cleared my mind of any and all noise.

It was bliss.

Since returning home my mind has been abuzz and my heart on fire. It’s true, “…doing nothing makes way for everything.” Why don’t we take time for ourselves more regularly and purposely? How can we live through a pandemic only to emerge re-rushed and anxious? I needed to get away to find focus.

I think the answers aren’t always clear, but nonetheless the questioning is necessary. The space we have in our hearts for things doesn’t always match the realities of life and vice-versa. But I’ve learned the importance of evaluating our efforts and enthusiasm is the real goal because it’s here where growth happens.

I’ve been working through some scenarios about my time, my life, my next steps, etc. I think it would be a shame to not own the parts of life that are scary because time was the problem. Clearing space isn’t easy and neither is owning the obstacles that prevent things from happening. Many of us are so damn busy we forget to do nothing and the value within such a state.

So this weekend I challenge you to find the balance a bit better. And if you find yourself with nothing on the plate, relish the moment and extend some gratitude towards it. Everything else is around the corner soon enough.