The First Monday In January

One of the ways to decrease stress and increase joy is to find the “bless in the mess.”
― Kay Warren, Choose Joy: Because Happiness Isn’t Enough

It’s easy to look at the first Monday in January and utter a big “blah.” Even the newly renewed can struggle with a return to routine, especially if a recent resolution is to break with prior patterns. Let’s face it, while we ushered in a new year, there’s an eerie familiarity to 2022.

This week I’m marking a moment with a return to work. I’m also launching some side hustle projects with a grandiose vision for the future. I’m full court press positivity, but there’s already a few fouls that have been called.

Per usual, all I can think about is this damn pandemic. I’m not here to debate your opinion or mine, but I’m certain we can agree Covid has impacted us in various ways, each of which is to be noted and respected. I’m holding my breath for a variety of reasons, but I’m trying hard to surrender what I cannot control. With this said, I’m suiting up and ready to play. As always, my attitude will determine most of the moments, but especially this first Monday in January.

So, do you want to be on my team? Can we start this month with a commitment to creating, finding, sharing, and celebrating joy? Like many, I’m weary of the world news. It matters, it really does, but I need more opportunities for optimism. Let’s make this, Monday, January 3rd, the most joyful. How do we take a cold, ordinary, overflowing with Omicron, we’re all exhausted and exacerbated Monday and make it magical? We choose joy.

I dare you to go there with me. Try it! Create, find, share, and celebrate joy. What a beautiful way to begin the week.