140 Days

Remember this post? I have 140 days to make “The Forty File” more than a call to action. I have 140 days to make it come alive in some way, shape, or form that is meaningful and memorable to/for me. This isn’t about you, which sounds like a selfish and egocentric thing to write, but no worries as I’m sure somewhere out there in this world a brother of mine will chime in with sarcastic commentary on this thought alone. However, it’s really not about you. It’s about me. It’s about proving that options and adventures are still limitless and viable for an almost 40 year old mother of two. Yes, that’s me. It’s about exposing insecurities in order to evolve and engineer something marvelous out of the mundane. Again, that’s me. Most importantly, it’s celebrating everything I am and have, and calling upon the ordinary to do it’s thing, which is beautifully imperfect yet breathtaking.

My life is a suburban sanctuary, but I desire something spectacular. I yearn to inspect, write, and live life differently. To be clear, this isn’t about excess, perception, or style. This is about all of the thoughts and dreams that I once lacked the courage to pursue. This is about the expectations and demands I place upon myself that I never acknowledge or reflect upon. This is about reclaiming space for the absurd and the awkward parts of any and all adventures. This is about the promise I made to myself and my husband a long time ago, which was/is to swing for the fences.

Is one every ready to step into the light? I don’t know, but here I go.