For a moment, I felt like myself again. Not the new me, not the old me, just the real me. ― Leslea Tash, Bird After Bird

When I visit my hometown of Buffalo, New York something happens to me. I become a fearless dreamer. I see things and people differently, more openly, and with greater gusto. Buffalo is exceptionally endearing.

I talk and write about being from Western New York incessantly. It’s probably because I now understand, with age and through experience, that its unapologetic realness is rare and refreshing.

Buffalo keeps me humble, hungry for the wonder, and thirsty for the thoughtful. It’s a city rooted in tradition, anchored by architecture, and framed by its ferocity. In short, the place is many parts of me and going home helps me understand and sort through life better.

I hope you have a “Buffalo” in your life. Whether it’s your home, a vacation spot, or a space that offers serenity and solace. Here’s to the places where we come alive in the most unique and beautiful ways.