Sunday scenes

“Nothing reminds us of an awakening more than rain.” ― Dejan Stojanovic

I am perched near the bay window. I watch the rain fall and puddles form. My children laugh in the dining room as mischief and magic gets underway. My husband’s spoon hits the cereal bowl noisily and steadily. It’s Sunday. I am thankful for the overwhelming ordinary of it all, but especially with each drop that falls from the sky.

Rainy days are for gratitude counts. They’re for reading Harry Potter, an extra cup of coffee, muddy boots, imagination, music, movies, baking, and naps. I often think our attitude about the weather is an indicator about our general demeanor and approach to things. Simply put: we make our own sunshine.

So I’m sitting here writing, dreaming up something special with words, gazing at my love while trying hard not to judge him for using my Yeti mug, hearing a noisy backdrop in the form of sisters in action, and soaking up the thankfulness that fills me to the brim.

Cheers to Sunday scenes.