merry Christmas, Me

“Just five minutes, God, I chant like some hostage negotiator on the brink of a resolution. Five minutes alone. Please, please. Please.” ― Shannon Celebi

Christmas came early. Thursday morning I successfully sat with my thoughts and sipped on coffee while grazing a vegan Trader Joe’s gingerbread loaf. I had dropped the kiddos at school, done a few quick curbside errands, and returned to a messy but magnificently silent house.

The art of solitude in motherhood, especially mid pandemic, is something to be admired, celebrated, and protected. There’s such value in stillness and I often unearth my own secrets via seclusion. We sometimes barter unreasonably with time. This pandemic has taught me to protect time, to invest in the people and things that fulfill and inspire, and most importantly, to live well despite uncertainty.

In this season of anticipation and through being alone, I am most “me.” Here’s hoping the same for you.