Monday Morning Coffee Thoughts

Write as much as you can. Read as much as you can. Use the library and the internet carefully for research and talk to people about things that matter. If you have an idea in your head talk it to people as a normal conversation, to get their natural opinions. And don’t forget to jot down discreetly any new ideas you get from people. God may use other people to convey messages to you, that may add more information to the ideas you already have. ― Enock Maregesi

Have you ever felt ordained to do something? Yep, I went deep on a Monday morning. But seriously, do you have a calling in this lifetime? If so, what is it?

For some of us, it’s motherhood. For others, it’s a professional passion. For me, it’s a balance of both. I one hundred percent believe God gifted me these girls purposefully. But I also know I’m supposed to create, celebrate, and share stories. From a very young age, I’ve loved to create and collaborate.

I have watched the world rip itself apart with blame, hypocrisy, and selfishness. It would be entirely too easy to succumb to feelings of despair or doubt. But when you have a calling and believe it supersedes most things and serves others, life beats on. This pandemic has two narratives. One that is out of our control and one that is very much determined by our beliefs and efforts. For me, the latter has made hope possible, love palpable, and passion powerful. As you’re getting ready for another week, which otherwise might feel no different than the week before, aim to do something where you feel connected and inspired by others. It is through connection where our callings are most evident and abundant.