My Bucket List: Help Me

“To have an abundant life, rich and full, means seeing the shortness of the day and seizing it, living the bucket list before the sun sets. It requires the quick gulp and the leaping blind, discarding what is heavy and worthless, investing in eternal things, counting as precious the gifts as they come and holding them loose because they will soon be gone.” ― Catherine L. Morgan, Thirty Thousand Days: The Journey Home to God

Here’s my resounding takeaway from this pandemic thus far: get living. Even from quarantine, many of my dreams are possible and pursuable. So I can sit home staring at my bucket list wondering about the what ifs or I can get busy living.

To begin, my bucket list has been revised. This entire soul shaking and life affirming experience has given me permission to surrender doubt and embrace adventure. In my 38 years I’ve never felt more enlivened and encouraged.  Without fear, I present my bucket list otherwise entitled as “Kicking it with Katie.”

  1. I am genuinely fascinated with the influencer phenomenon that has consumed our culture. How we see the world and the people who influence us shapes our choices and community contributions. I don’t want to be an influencer.  I want to be an invitation to ordinary. Starting Monday I’m asking you to be a part of #invitingordinary and follow me @fishingforfika on Instagram and Facebook.  This isn’t about gaining attention but rather giving normal some momentum. In a world of excess and extreme, I’m scaling it back to the good stuff in simple form. I’d love to see #invitingordinary be a campaign of good will, celebration, and habitat of hope.
  2. Lemonade. I’ve been a novice podcaster on a brief hiatus while I rethink and refuel my goals in terms of this medium. More Lemonade began as a quest to celebrate moms and their lemonade moments, which were shaken and poured out of some serious COVID-19 lemons. Deviating from writing and delving into the podcast world has been a game changer. More Lemonade is about to become  “Lemonade” and as I work to find people who believe in cherishing the sweet stuff in otherwise sticky situations, I hope you’ll give it a listen.
  3. Fishing for Fika is only two years old but it’s my dream to connect and conspire with people from all walks of life and to celebrate purposeful pauses. Here, I plan to develop more content that allows for this goal to happen and to help others. At the end of the month I’m launching “Fika Files,” which are e-courses designed for comfort, development, and plain old entertainment. For example, my favorite course is entitled, “Tired Mom.”
  4. Finish my book. I’ve been writing a book for a good long while and I’ve given myself countless deadlines and extensions. July 31st is 75 days away. Here’s to my favorite finish aka sprinting.
  5. Brand betterment. I have major goals when it comes to working with brands to “organize their ordinary.” Thanks to quarantining and daydreaming, I’m ready to stalk with and through stories. Stay tuned for more but I’ll need your help with this one in a big way.
  6. #fikafinds is my version of #smallthings I want to hear all about the joy you discover via a simple caffeinated beverage and conversation. Better yet, invite me to the table, virtual table for the time being. I have major FOMO and I want to talk!
  7. Get to know myself better. I think I’m a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend when I take time to unearth more about me.
  8. Help others. It’s that simple. I want to make sure I leave the world a better and brighter place.
  9. Travel. Not being able to go anywhere has made me want to see, touch, taste, and feel everything. I’m coming for you world, but only when it’s safe to do so.
  10. Deepen faith.

This isn’t an arbitrary list. It’s my heart and soul and I’m sharing it with you. Here’s to the quick gulp and blind leap. May we all help one another accept and achieve our various bucket lists. For the love of life and for the belief in one another, I am thankful. P.S. I’ve never been a one thing at a time type of girl, which is reflected in this list. It’s messy, complicated, and completely and utterly me:)