Permission to Persist

“Underneath the chaos there stirs a great plan. And it will be birthed only if I give it permission to do so because I have exercised the faith that it’s there.”  ― Craig D. Lounsbrough

These past two months have been about permission in my life. I’ve granted myself the permission to make mistakes, lose patience, acknowledge and accept anxieties, ask for things I often neglect, rid myself of guilt, acknowledge gaps in understanding, engage in guilty pleasures, invest in life-affirming actions, and handle the ebbs and flows of quarantine life, which for me is either blah or beautiful with little to no in between.

Permission has been the key ingredient to keeping myself stable and sane.

To begin, you’re allowed to feel however you like on the subject of pandemic productivity. I haven’t cleaned one closet or organized the basement, but I’m over here experiencing a fundamental shift in the way I see and live life. My spice rack is chaotic but my spiritual self is solid. I’ll take the latter and handle the old nutmeg some other time. For now know this: I think we need to do more than survive this pandemic. For me, this means ending a long pause and persisting on with some big dreams despite the chaos and confusion in the world.

It almost feels weird to think wonderful. Does this make sense? But I didn’t stop dreaming when COVID-19 came. If anything it has made me think deeper and dream bigger. And now it’s time to do. Even in quarantine I can persist. Giving myself this permission is a step toward success.

We need to do more than look forward. We need to lean into all the passions and possibilities and make them shine like the sun. Persist. I’ll find a way and you do the same.

Stay well!