Fostering Fika

First and foremost, here’s the definition and explanation of fika. I especially liked the following, “In Sweden, fika is all about pausing for a moment to appreciate the best (and free) things in life, like joy, family, life, friends, and love. Whereas in America, we’re grabbing our venti lattes to-go. There, fika symbolizes a true break and really slowing down.”

For three years I’ve been practicing and preaching all things fika. My love of fika stems from my own experience of connecting and growing through conversation. It’s a concept so basic that many dismiss it. But as the world contends with COVID-19, I see the unique opportunity to make something happen. The silver lining is the opportunity to foster fika.

Since we can’t grab our venti latte to go and we’re homebound for the foreseeable future,  perhaps we can fika in a way that makes connection more palpable and positive.  After all, shouldn’t we be taking inventory and investing in joy, family, life, friends, and love?

We’ve been forced to slow down or stop many of our operations so take a chance to do something new. You’ll find hope, cultivate change, inspire connectivity, and produce happiness. I’d argue the world needs this now. Our ability to be the change is founded upon on our openness to welcome it.

I wish you hours of fika, years of good health, and the very best life has to offer. For me, the latter is happening now. Because in the presence of the man who loves me the most, and the girls God gifted me, I find the all-encompassing peace that’s possible when I slow down and savor the things I often rush through or by. Stay well.