Eyes and Wings

“I think, that you can meet someone one day, who possesses the eyes you never had but always needed; the vision to see backwards and forwards and all around, the other wing that you need to complete your flight. And I think it can just happen, suddenly, without explanation! And then I think, it would be good to keep that person, you’ll always have those eyes, and always have two wings.” ― C. JoyBell C.
I’ve long admired and coveted the romance genre. In an often cynical world full of skeptics and sulky stories, it’s much appreciated. My love story begins in a dirty frat house near a cheap keg of beer.
Like most good love stories, mine was unexpected, mysterious, and magical in its own right. I’ll never forget the start of my forever. It inspired me to surrender and lean into love.
I am with someone who gives me eyes and wings. For this, for you, for everything, I am grateful.
P.S. this right here is the soundtrack to my soul.