December Love

I am all in for December. It’s my favorite month for all the obvious reasons and more. To begin, traditions. I have so many December traditions and it makes my heart happy to share them with family and friends. One of the most simple yet necessary traditions is within the magic of the movies. I watch all the holiday movies. Full disclosure: I am a purist for the classics. It’s a Wonderful Life, The Bishop’s Wife, Holiday Inn, and Miracle on 34th Street are basic beauties that fill me with endless hope and inspiration. But beware the powerful influence of Netflix. Their holiday game makes me giddy. Of course I’m all too familiar with the Hallmark heroes of Christmas as well. There’s an abundance of offerings and I soak them up regularly and greedily. But since 2003 my unofficial kick-off to Christmas is locked up within a viewing of Love Actually. 

There’s just something about watching various plots unravel and unite that makes my storyteller heart happy. Moreover, watching love in so many forms find and forge relationships is always good for the soul. But I bet you can’t guess my favorite character in the story. It’s not an obvious choice, especially for me. Jamie. I’m all in for Jamie. No, it’s not Hugh Grant as the prime minister or Liam Neeson as the widower.

The awkward writer with a heart of gold finds his match with someone that doesn’t speak his language. This. This is me. Of course my husband and I both speak English, but we’re definite opposites in our love language, personalities, and passions. I fell in love with my husband in December 2003. In my world, there are no coincidences. Since 2003 this movie has marked the start of not only the Christmas season, but a new season in life. So as I sit here on the couch, drinking a beverage alongside the challenging all consuming love of my life, I am grateful.

As Jaime says, “Christmas is a time for people with someone they love in their lives.” Wishing you this and so much more. XO