“…our impulses are too strong for our judgment sometimes” ― Thomas Hardy, Tess of the D’Urbervilles

It seems everywhere I look lately there are reminders about control or lack thereof. Whether it’s internal or external, there’s no denying impulsive reactions to people and things.

I am reactive about most things. I married a pensive person. Just imagine our discussions. And if he’s reading this, I’ve learned from you. While I may impulsively purchase additional and unnecessary Christmas decor, in the more serious and sustainable areas of life, I am learning to think deeper and longer.

I have this whole concept of how life should go. Then I have reality. In all the cracks and crevices I am reminded that some stuff needs to be surrendered while other stuff needs to be controlled with conviction.

So in the spirit of a good fika I ask the following: are your impulses too strong for your judgment sometimes?