Sharing Stories


“For pleasure has no relish unless we share it.” ― Virginia Woolf, The Common Reader

Forgive me while I nerd out to Virginia Woolf’s words for a moment. There’s something so simple but profound about these words, especially as I revisit them. The other day I was mid-fika and struggling to decipher where I was going with this entire passion and purpose of mine. Already a teacher, I didn’t want to be labeled as an educator when I present or facilitate the byproducts of fika. I’m not business minded so it felt false to use entrepreneur as a title or label. And while I cling to the title of passionprenuer, this too fell short of representing my ideas and aspirations.

I started to think about the brands, businesses, and influencers that I respect and follow. I delved into what it was that made their mark so much more impressionable and inspiring than others. It all came back to one thing, which was so fitting for me and the act of fika. I am drawn to stories. The art of sharing and collaborating through storytelling is my niche. It’s where I feel the pleasure Woolf suggests.

I  look for relevancy and connectivity through shared storytelling. It’s my thing. It’s why I go deep.

Earlier this month I spoke about my desire to thematically approach fikas. I wrote about my intention to pursue two projects close to me. It’s a time consuming and tedious task and I need help.

Tell me something good about Facebook. Seriously, give me the positives. Ready.  Set. Go.

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