Dive: Find a Way


I’m a diver. I go deep. Let me stop and clarify that I’m a philosophical diver. I dream and dive into things quickly. I take no lessons, I often enter skilless or void of experience, and I tend to go with an “I’ll see how it goes” mentality. I imagine experts and gurus are shaking their heads. This approach doesn’t work for a lot of people. When people enter into places or positions without plans steam is lost, energy wasted, and disappointment frequent. But this works for me. It’s taken me years to realize that I’m most invigorated, productive, and pleasant when I’m forcefully throwing myself into things.

I like the adrenaline rush and I love the reveal of potential. These gifts come to me in the midst of chaotic production. When you don’t know what you’re doing some say it’s fake it until you make it time. I prefer the phrase dive or drown. I can either dive deeper, think differently, learn more, and swim confidently, or I can drown in doubt, pity, and regret. Listen, everyone has a way that works for them. Correction, everyone should find a way that works for them. This is what works for me.

I’m of the opinion that these days the busyness of the world doesn’t allow for deeper dives. People don’t make time to go beyond the surface. However, for those who go the extra mile they create and cultivate a scenario that allows for introspection and investment, and prepare themselves for varying levels of decompression (google that scuba term). By jumping in there’s a chance to discover breathtaking and unchartered waters.

I’m a diver. I go deep.