I’m Elsa


I live in a household where Frozen fever is the supreme signifier of joy. My constant reality is two girls, dressed in full-on princess gear, singing the soundtrack at the top of their lungs.

And while I hear the lyrics daily, see the movie often, and am a loyal subject of all things Arendelle, I failed to remember Elsa’s three most important words: let it go.

Guys, this song is on non-stop repeat in my house. I chime in on the chorus, but how could I forget to take note?

Early last week I had an all-consuming episode. I’m sure you can relate. Those moments where we go deep with someone or something, get disappointed and then obsess post incident to the point of frustration. It’s a nasty circle that left me depleted, discouraged, and void of inspiration,

That’s not how I operate. I can’t function without enthusiasm. I can’t write without inspiration. And while the perpetual problem solver in me wanted to fix the situation, much of it was out of my control. Enter Elsa.

It clicked. I did exactly as she suggests and I let it go.

Cue the thaw. I am back to warmth and fun. Trust me, Elsa knows best.