You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!


william-iven-19844-unsplash.jpgI went LIVE on Facebook tonight. I was a hot mess and I loved it. I live for authenticity so I wasn’t worried about the frizz hair, outrageous stain from my toddler’s  paint session, or the blatant and outrageous bags under my eyes. I OWN IT ALL. I’m not thrilled with the width of my cheeks on camera, but that’s why I’m hitting the gym. Anyways, it was so me, which was fast paced, a little of this, a little of that, and some news on what I’m working on. 11 minutes of me. Then the mystery happened, which was auto deletion. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I tried. I really tried. You can’t recreate stuff like the mess and magic of LIVE, and yes, the latter is my interpretation. Let me digress and explain that anytime I live fearlessly and go for the gold I think it’s magic. Anyways, it’s gone. And while I’d love to live in a state of complaint, there’s work to do.

Here’s the deal… I started this fika thing because of this and now I’m here. Over the past year I’ve taken time to do two things that I love endlessly and unapologetically, talk and write. But I’ve been doing something else too, which is thinking bigger and beyond the blog. Writing is the most sacred and sensitive thing I do for myself. I’ve always wanted to make it more. I’m ready.

This year I’ve divided my fikas into themes. I’ve done so because I’m knee-deep in two pieces of writing that go beyond the blog and it’s apparent these themes stretch and surround so many of us. They are as follows: health, marriage, friendship, work, motherhood, beginnings and endings, just because, introductions, technology, say anything, failure, and joy. I’ll explain them more in depth as each approaches, but know this: I’m looking to talk.

These fikas fuel my writing, which in turn, becomes the something more I’ve been anticipating, dreaming, and now doing. Help me. Refer a friend, tell me about some stranger on Instagram who fascinates you for hours, give me your grandma who talks for hours and needs an eager ear, share the secret story you’ve always wanted to tell but never write. Let’s fika.

P.S. There’s more. I’m hoping to share soon. Until then, keep reading and dreaming. XO