This Is Us: Let the Countdown Begin


I’m obsessed with This Is Us. Just read here or there and you’ll see my passion is palpable. And right now I’m counting down until it returns. In case you’re wondering, 34 days until all things Pearson family.

I could write or talk for hours on end about this show. And while I’m no expert in what makes it a hit, I’m guessing it’s because this show isn’t afraid to tackle the beneath the surface stuff that we’re sometimes afraid to confront or confess. For feelers and thinkers like myself, it’s the opportunity to delve deeper into the complicated layers of emotion and the messy but meaningful roles within family.

But how does it relate to fika? While aside from some general gab post show, I’m creating a didactic syllabus of sorts to accompany episodes. It’s discernible through the fates and flaws of each character and worthy of “something more.” Too often television is counted as a singular experience. But I aim to revisit and re-emphasize the value in scenes and storylines.

Before you tell me I total nerd, which I already know, remember that my profession by trade is teacher. I spend a lot of time creating curriculum and lecturing, so this actually feels quite natural. Furthermore, while I love a traditional text, this show is so relevant and relatable that I think it appeals to even the quietest crowd.

34 days until fika, lesson 1. Until then, here’s to dreaming that Dan Fogelman asks me if I want to write with him one day.  I have zero shame about being in my mid-thirties and dreaming of a fika on set. Go big or go home, people. Dear This is Us, to quote Jack Pearson, “I can’t go back to who I was before I met you.”