Homeward Bound: Buffalove


I’m headed home this week. Going home in my 30s is so much more enlightening and exciting than in my 20s. Maybe it’s because I have a better grasp on gratitude. I see and understand the perks of places much clearer as I age.  I’ve come to understand what’s been given to me and how it shaped and continues to shape me throughout daily endeavors and adventures.

I love Buffalo, New York. The obvious default for most people is to talk snow or football. And while I’ll happily oblige and listen or partake in said conversations, there’s much more to the city of good neighbors. Buffalo is a place of rich history and deep tradition. The lack of pretentiousness is unparalleled, especially in a culture of consumption and status.

I am always inspired within the walls of where I was raised. My childhood home still holds the magic of innocence and the promise of adventure.  But I also like to visit the places and people who poured passion into me through their own experiences or examples. Which is why I’m headed to Spot Coffee on Elmwood, my original escape for creativity. Here, I learned to wander in thoughts and skip through scenarios.

If you’re curious about fika and the possibilities it holds for you, then join me on Thursday, August 16th at 7:30 p.m. for a cup of coffee and conversation. Until there, here’s to all things Buffalo.