Tribe Things


I have a ton of tribes in my life. I don’t want to sound all egocentric and dramatic, but I’m kind of obsessed with the volume and depth of my tribes. My family, forever the first and most important tribe, is rock solid. From the biggest branch to the tiniest twig, I am certain of their constant commitment and confidence in me. But the tribe I’m always most amazed and inspired by is the tribe of friends from various walks of life, who are rich in experience and generous in advice. Their unyielding love is special because it comes to me after we’ve connected or collaborated on whatever or whomever it is that brought us together.

My friendships sustain me through bouts of homesickness, insecurity, and experimentation. I am reliant upon the strong personalities and palpable passions within my tribes. Their own successes, failures, or lessons drive me to think differently, explore freely, and dream deeper. And what’s most important is that no tribe is the same. Each comes from a point or place in my life that reminds me of my roots, wings, or wanderings.

I’m a firm believer that there’s something to be said about diverse portfolios of people and projects.

As I sat down to think about upcoming meetings that are set to unfold I recognized that many are with strangers or distant acquaintances. And while I absolutely love the chance to conspire with new people, I need to rely on my tribe for their steadfast presence and purpose in my life. They keep it real and they make it interesting.

For this and all that remains, I’m grateful. Time to think tribes with me.