To Piggy-Back​ Off Yesterday: My People.


I’ve been thinking incessantly about this since I wrote it last night. I am so overdue for a fika with some of my people. “I haven’t had the chance” is a go-to phrase of mine. But it’s littered with self-absorbed undertones and/or mismanaged moments. Ultimately, I am the creator and consumer of my time, and I haven’t exercised my freedom of choice correctly.

I have a long list of chats that need to take place and an even longer list of “more than coffee” conversations to follow. And while I’m wealthy in friendships, I’m a big believer in adding more to the people portfolio. After all, collaboration and connection are key criteria for fika and fellowship.

Any takers for fika albeit traditionally or virtually? If you’re on the fence and/or totally clueless then start here!

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