The Problem with Positivity


I’ve been on a positivity promotional tour the past few weeks. I’ve taken inventory of people and things in my life and carefully assessed their positive influence or potential. Guys, it’s a dog-eat-dog world and negativity is rampant. The toxicity of negativity knows no boundries. It invades and mutiplies rapidly, which easily becomes overwhelming and prohibitive.

The problem with positivity is that it’s not practiced consistently. We come at life from various angles, but many are rooted in suspicion or opposition. But what if we looked at life through the lens of limitless positivity? What if we didn’t wait for something good to happen to be in a mood worthy of replication or admiration? What if we made a commitment to be passionately positive? See, there’s a difference between passionately positive and postivity. When you’re passionately involved in anything you’re invested differently. And when positivity becomes the cause instead of effect, joy is born.

I didn’t have an epiphany to get here. I have no magic potion or sage wisdom. Oprah doesn’t sit on my shoulder and whisper soulful inspiration into my ear (but I wish she would). I can’t cut every negative person from my life. I can’t eradicate complaints or challenges. I can’t focus on what I can’t change. However, I can be passionately positive.

I can commit to trying to be better. I can rise to the occassion with optimism. I can persitently pursue excellence. I can surrender fear and frustration for hope and humility. It’s daunting. Many call it naive or impossible. Who needs those negative naysaers?

Try it. Go all in. Be a champion and passionprenuer of positivity.

What’s postivity doing for you and around you? Let’s fika!