Deep with Doreen


I met Doreen through my friend Kim, co-creator of Fat, Drunk & Fancy. I had put out the call for moms because I was desperate to fika with women who had something to share about the pits and peaks of motherhood. I had met Doreen once before and it felt like we had a connection over the promise of possibility.

Our original fika took place at my house. When she left I was on cloud nine. I felt overwhelmed by the sheer magic she shared. As I sat and listened to the replay my joy and satisfaction multiplied. Early on into editing, I experienced a problem. One thing led to another and part of our discussion got deleted. Cue tears, tantrums, and total meltdown. My poor husband watched me unravel and I nervously emailed Doreen to let her know what happened.

I should have known that her awesomeness extended to understanding. She granted me another fika, which unearthed more positive and profound mama moments. Initially, I  had hoped to fuse our fikas, but technology won this war and I’m slightly scarred from the battle.  For now, I’m giving you something small but special, but know there’s more to follow.

Like a lot of people, I grow from what I gain in the marriage of opportunity and experience. Meeting Doreen, who walked into my home as a stranger and left as someone special, changed me. It reminded me of my need to talk. Collaboration and communication are pillars to any fika, but especially within this adventure, which we call blogging and podcasting.

I’ve spent the last several weeks inundated with emails. People like this concept so much and it’s possible for it to go deeper and widen beyond my wildest dreams. I took some key advice from Doreen, which was to swim. At times I thought I was going to sink, but I paddled through and stayed on the surface. Fishing for Fika is officially organized, open, and ready for all things summer. I’m excited about mom fika, for all the conversations to come, and for the dreams yet to be discovered.

Mamas, this fika is for you.