Railings Revisited​


We moved into our home last July. Like most homeowners, we had a list of projects that we wanted to tackle, so we got right to work. Slowly but surely, we’ve been making moves and getting things done. Some projects are fun and fancy, while others are maintenance based and lack appeal. Regardless, it’s exciting to make our mark on the home’s character and story.

Built in 1966, our split-level home had already undergone dramatic changes before we even purchased it. One thing remained original, however, was the wrought iron railings. The railings were not to my taste, and from the moment our offer was accepted I devised a plan to get rid of them.

For months I’ve been nagging my husband about the railing project. We’ve had numerous quotes, endless design chats, and constant conflict over the budget. (<–Just keeping it real.) The more I looked at the railings, the more I loathed them.  Last month, we finally pulled the trigger, and after much debate agreed on the aesthetic design. I had happy tears.

Guess what? Even though I’m thrilled to bid farewell to the railings, I’ll miss them.

Does this ever happen to you?

I’ve given so much thought to the new look, but this old look was something to someone. I like to think about the hands that have touched the railings over the years. I imagine people have grabbed on to them in times of great joy and clutched them in desperation or uncertainty. This might read a bit dramatic, but I’m okay with it.

As much as I’m excited to change the vibe and style of our home, it signals the end of an era.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the future, I fail to appreciate the past.  These railings were selected for a reason and kept, maintained, and unchanged for several years.

It’s unbelieve how we can lust for something for so long and then have feelings of melancholy once our goal is met or achieved. Now that I’ve revisited the railings I see them for what they are; a chapter in this home’s story. On Monday, I write a new chapter and I hope someday someone might revisit my design decisions with thoughtfulness and appreciation.