How Talking is Transforming My Life

jon-tyson-195064-unsplash.jpgI was born a talker. I like surface conversations, but I prefer soul sessions. Fika is transforming me.

A few weeks ago the power of the Internet gifted me a connection. Someone ‘out there’ reached out about fika and decided to pour their time and talent into my passion. From this opportunity, I came to the conclusion that things needed to get serious.

I’m slightly shifting my focus to be more productive and positive while expanding the possibilities for future fikas. To begin, I’m starting a new mini-series entitled “dreaming deeper,” which specifically centers on prospects and their profound ability to propel us forward.

I’m also committing to content and pledging consistency within weekly podcasts. You’ll find thematic topics create more authentic and appealing opportunities.

These changes are necessary because of interest and investment, which has so much to do with you! I’ve been flooded and humbled by interest and/or people who want to invest their time and talents into fika. For me, there is no higher compliment.

One piece of the puzzle is that Mom Fika is going to be a thing. Soon, with locations and dates to be announced, mamas will be able to talk and dream with coffee and champagne in hand.

Talking is transforming me. It’s changing the way I write. It’s changing what I write. It’s changing everything.

Get ready. Let’s fika.