I’m writing on the floor in my childhood family room. I’m barefoot, in comfy clothes, and awaiting my afternoon coffee. There are many images of bliss, but this one takes the cake for a random Tuesday. Did I mention that both of my girls are napping? True bliss.

There’s a soft and subtle noise from within me as I work on editing new podcasts for release. I know it all too well. It’s the “get shit done” voice that I politely dress up and call desire. While it’s true that desire drives me, the “get shit done” voice is my frenemy. It knows no limits and is relentless when it calls me to gut check priorities and passions. I loathe it and celebrate it simultaneously.

My creative space is fluid. I don’t have a dedicated spot, which may or may not be detrimental, but with two kiddos it’s about time as opposed to space. For now, where I write isn’t as important as when I write. Period.

We tend to obsess over the details, which is indeed important for many things and steps in life. Procrastination and justification are a writer’s best friends. When we do dive in, we craft stories that drive us mad, make us frustrated, and consume every element of our lives. Maybe that’s why it takes us so long to get going, or maybe it’s just me.

See, I tend to pluralize things because it makes it easier to digest when I imagine that there’s someone else doing what I’m doing and making a mess like me. Because despite writing being regarded as a solo endeavor, there is a community of gatherers and seekers who long to connect and conspire. Their stories and process are just as complicated but valuable.

So wherever you’re writing, and whatever you’re writing about, know that I’m sending you productive and positive vibes. In all things random and writing, I am with you.