Your Writing Inspiration!

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As writers we’re often cast into the role of solo practitioner. After all, writing is very much an independent process. Our stories are sacred, our approach is personal, and our work is a long labor of love.  Enter Internet.

It’s a gift to grab hold of a stranger with similar passions and pursuits. It’s a dream to surrender self-doubt and become uplifted or inspired by someone else’s journey. The Internet knows no barriers like location, age, or experience. With instant access and availability, the opportunity are endless. While we often hone in on the negative associations of the Internet, there are positive and powerful possibilities for the lone writer to connect and conspire.

Not too long ago I delved into the insatiable world of Instagram. I stumbled across the account known as @ writing_inspiration. The tagline caught my eye because it read ‘your writing doesn’t suck.’ It’s that exact thought that I’ve combatted in my own process, and I resonated with the simplicity and sincerity of the account’s message. Shortly thereafter, I reached out to the account’s creator,  Eliza Hedges, to learn more about her motivation and message as a writer.

Now here I am, 36, a wife, mom of two girls, living in New Jersey, and knee deep in my own ventures. At 19, she’s living in Salt Lake City, Utah, and in the query process for her first novel. Our lives are different but our goals the same. We yearn to connect through words. We seek change and constant inspiration from the world we live in.

Our chat was lovely. And while there’s periods of spotty sound, remember I’m new to this,  I think you’ll sense that this woman’s sincerity is pure and her passion palpable. Ladies and gentlemen, I present, Your Writing Inspiration.