Listen to Lindsay: My Fika Hero


Hero (noun): a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

I called her my hero. I know she felt the label was too steep, but she’s beyond worthy.

She’s incredibly humble. She lives purposefully and passionately. She sets souls on fire. Seriously, she wakes people up for a living. Listen to Lindsay’s podcast with me here.

From client to friend, I’ve known Lindsay Vastola since 2013. She’s gifted me a lot of lessons and love, but most notably she introduced me to fika. If you’re reading this then you understand what this has done for my own passion and purpose.

Founder of Body Project Fitness and Lifestyle, Lindsay’s sincerity shines as she works to create an environment that builds a strong foundation for her clients to thrive in every element of their lives. She is a curator of change.

Through her programming, I discovered authenticity and achievability in basic elements of my life that had previously been unearthed. I credit her consistent messaging and whole-self curriculum as a pivotal point within my self-awareness journey.

We’ve been friends for a while now, but I try not to show my fandom for her life’s work too much. But every now and then I explode with enthusiasm for her, about her, and because of her, which I hope is palpable within this podcast. What’s crazy is how nervous I was to talk with her, which is never the case. Lindsay and I can cover a wide array of topics and I usually won’t blink with doubt or anxiety. I attribute my nerves to the fact that she’s the reason for my focus on fika and because I get to share her specialness beyond the two of us. Thanks for fika, Lindsay. I’ll say it again, you’re my hero.