Friendship & Fika


Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to present the second Fishing for Fika podcast. You need to listen to this one, despite a few rough audio patches, and soak up the sentimentality that is a genuine friendship and fika session.

Kim, my good friend and co-creator of Fat, Drunk, & Fancy, left her job in corporate America to do something different. She and her hubby decided to make their mark by celebrating life with no regrets. Their goal is simple: they want to take us along.

The happy hours of our lives don’t need to be allocated to a singular bar stool. The best meals don’t necessarily require a reservation. Kim and Nick create spaces and situations that show us how to live life with no regrets while making food and drink a vehicle for the experience.

I’m so proud of Kim for embracing risk with a positive mindset and laser focus. Cool fact, Kim’s the product of an awesome grandparent experience like me. We share a love of a generation that gave us wisdom, hope, and humility.

Listen to us giggle, dip deep, and fika.

p.s. In the podcast Kim showers us with information. If you’re a local New Jerseyan, check out Yale Terrace Brewery. If you’re on the hunt for a delicious and healthy fika food, swing by Ommie Snacks to see what’s new.