My Awakener

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”  ― Robert Frost


Let’s get deep today. Seriously, put on your life jacket.

I live my life in constant celebration of relationships. From family to friends, colleagues to college roommates, and neighbors to strangers, I love people! I believe every person possesses the ability to impact my life.  IF we take the time to think about it, our daily interactions and words shape someone else’s attitude, character, or direction. It’s pretty powerful and definitely deep.

A lover of learning,  I gain the most insight and grow stronger when I surround myself with influential, positive, and determined people. I like to feel equipped and empowered by my personal and professional relationships.

In 2013 I signed up for a local fitness studio. From the get-go, the owner, Lindsay, felt different from previous trainers and gym personas. As time went on, I realized Lindsay was different. Lindsay’s intuitive ability to tap into the heart and soul of a client and extract their potential was something special. Her intentions were always simple and strong.  She wants people to claim and consistently pursue the best for themselves.

For the first time in a long time, Lindsay gave me the desire to want something more for myself. In fact, she made me think about taking risks and defying odds. Slowly, she became a voice in my head. I knew she had something unique to offer me. Moreover, I knew I could benefit from having more of her in my life.

I’ll spare you the unending details of our relationship, but she has been and remains a game-changing person for me. Her example, honesty, creativity, and care are exactly what I craved. Her accountability, constructive criticism, and drive is undeniably what I need. In fact, she introduced me to fika. I refer to her as the spark that ignited the fire. She awakens me.

We need more relationships that launch us toward improvement and inspiration. We must ask for help. IF we subscribe to the idea that everybody has something to offer, we become more willing to listen and learn.

Who awakens you?

Go deep today.