Mom So Hard and Love So Deep


My mom game is on point lately. I don’t know what happened but I woke up one day and went all in on the stuff I used to roll my eyes at or sigh heavily about.

The other day I baked an egg casserole at 6:00 a.m. for my daughter’s preschool event. Yesterday, I stayed up past midnight to work on Valentine’s Day cards. I’m currently surfing the web for birthday party decorations. Tomorrow, I have a theme for a playdate.

It’s almost like I gave myself permission to finally have fun. And while it can be work to make the fun happen, there are reasons to give a little more or try a little harder. In fact, I’d argue that’s what makes moms so special.

To begin, there’s a delicate line between enthusiasm and excess. I try to go big with the former and hang back on the latter.

I get so excited by small but special gestures that solicit smiles. I crave the cuddles that often follow a surprise. I love how eyes dance with delight when a craft is promised or adventure pursued.

Mom life is for me. I get to be a magic maker and truth teller while I happily embrace the opportunity to see the world through a child’s eyes. Yes, there are days where I am exhausted, defeated, or emotionally unstable. Yes, there are days where I’m unshowered, over-caffeinated, and caught up in chaos.

However, I live for the chance to take a tiny hand in mine and seek out an experience or make a memory. I cling to the little voice that sings with me from the backseat. I celebrate the joy of being needed for tasks like hand washing, teeth brushing, and coat buttoning.

Time is flying. I see and feel it now more than ever. My girls are growing and I’m desperate to remind myself that ordinary days are extraordinary gifts.

They’re mine. When they’re not so little, and when they’re off making their mark in the world, I’ll have their histories happily replaying in my head and heart.

So, here’s to the role of a lifetime and the love that consumes, drives, and renders us a big pile of mush. Here’s to you, my fellow mamas. Let’s raise our caffeinated beverage of choice, or entirely too full glass of wine, and toast to the privilege that is motherhood. Indulge yourself with extra hugs and kisses from the ones who shower us with their mad, strong, and unending love. Go on and mom so hard and love so deep. I’m right there with you.Happy Valentine’s Day.